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What to Look For in a Property Management Service in Washington

property management service in Washington

Many individuals who are new to the real estate business have no idea what to look for in a property management service in Washington. It is a good idea to share your burden by hiring a third-party service but you should be careful and perform due diligence before you opt for one as they will represent you in front of your tenants and will be responsible for huge investments.

Either you are in Seattle or Kent, property management and maintenance in Washington are essential if you are to make good profits from the real estate business. To hire an expert and experienced service to handle these tasks for you and lease your properties to trustworthy lessees, click here.

Let us look at the traits you need to look for while hiring a property management service in Washington:

Local Expertise

If your property manager or property management service has local knowledge and expertise, they can add great value to your property. From employing cost-effective and efficient repair services to getting you the appropriate rent that is prevailing in the neighborhood, they can utilize their local network to benefit you and your property in every possible way.

Tenant Screening

A good property management service screens tenants with the quality standards that you would hold for your own property. It is extremely important to perform due diligence before okaying a tenant by running background and credit checks on them along with looking for credible referrals.


Like in any other service provision, experience matters in managing real estate as well. Make sure you hire a property management service that has experience with lease, maintenance, and management and is well established. Along with general experience, check if they are experienced in dealing with the type of property that you own as different types of properties have the different expense and rent benchmarks, and knowledge pertaining to them is important for value addition and helping your net operating income (NOI).


One of the most important things to look for in a property management service is its trustworthiness. There are many factors that you can account for to make your judgment, such as their reputation, portfolio, and your gut feelings, but asking yourself if you would trust the service with thousands of dollars of cash is a good way to direct your decision.

Timely Responsiveness

A big reason why you hire a property management service is that you do not want to be woken up at 3 am in the morning with a call from your tenant telling you that the kitchen sink has broken. But you do not want to delay the repairs risking more damage or making your tenant unhappy. So go for a service that has a system in place to be available 24/7 to preserve your investment and serve your tenant with effective solutions to their satisfaction.

We are a property management service in Washington that values our customers’ investments and satisfaction. We have a culture that augments the above-mentioned traits in our service provision. We have a long-term mindset and believe in long-term relationships with our customers. We have complete billing transparency and employ the latest technologies to make our services cost-effective and result-oriented.

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