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Ways You Can Conduct a Successful Tenant Screening

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Last year, nearly 20% of Americans failed to pay their rent on time. At the beginning of 2021, many tenants in the US were lagging on their payments. A major reason back then was the severe 2020 economic breakdown the country was recovering from. The Pulse Survey, an initiative by the US Census Bureau, cites numerous surveys and analyses regarding the current situation of delinquent renters. Surveys found that most renters who could not make their payments on time came from less educated and low-income households.

Princeton University’s Eviction Lab was an initiative to study eviction patterns in the US and analyze its causes. Other institutions like the Aspen Institute state the rate of eviction in the US has risen in the past two years due to the social and economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. The research mentions that around 70% of evictions occur due to the tenant’s incapacity to pay rent on time. Other reasons landlords refuse to renew rent leases for tenants include property vandalism, frequent visits of suspicious persons, and property sub-leasing without permission.

Background checks are considered to be a cardinal aspect of renting. They’ve become an unavoidable part of tenant selection in the US. While most states have their landlord and tenant laws, landlords are always advised to conduct thorough background checks before picking tenants. To better understand your tenant’s past, demand a couple of documents from them. The documents include clearance from their previous landlord and two reference letters for additional background cross-checks.

How Can a Property Manager Help?

Too much for you to manage? Property managers are specifically designated agents who advertise rentals and find renters for residential properties. To have your property chosen by reliable tenants found through a thorough tenant screening process, get in touch with Sensible Property Management. Our property management service covers residential rental properties in and around King and Pierce Counties, WA.

You shouldn’t consider renting your property without a proper tenant screening process. The process calls for the tenant to share some necessary personal information. Tenant screening also considers referrals written by previous landlords about a tenant’s character.

Here are some quick ways you can conduct a successful tenant screening.

Fix Your Property’s Rent

To have the most suitable applicants skim through your residential listing, mention the property rent beforehand. This will ward off idle inquirers and only engage potential applicants. The process also helps ensure you don’t have to take the trouble to negotiate property rent later on. This initial screening step helps the best and the most appropriate renter reach you.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Our property management services in King County take care of the entire tenant screening process with the utmost care. We make sure your rental listings have the complete information to attract the best rental applicants.

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Online Screening Forms

Screening tenants online is a feasible way to manage the entire process. Most landlords simply ask a few open and closed questions to get a fair idea of the applicant’s background. This form can address as many reservations as the landlord might have. Some questions that you should include in your online screening forms can be:

  • Do you have pets?
  • How frequently do you have guests over?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Why are you moving?

The form saves a lot of time. It makes sure the most time is invested in potential renters only. Since responses in online forms are recorded online, you will have documented evidence of your applicant’s responses.

Set Some Pre-Conditions

A landlord may have several reservations about how renters treat their properties. All the reservations should be voiced before renters agree to rent the property. Whether your reservations are about the family size, pets, guests, or lifestyle habits, raise them before it’s too late.

A good way of communicating your house rules is to prepare a ‘terms and conditions’ document. This will help your tenant adapt to your requirements. The document would be most beneficial in outlining if the applicant is willing to compromise on given situations.

 residential property terms and conditions

Demand the Applicant’s Income and Employment Verification

The most dreaded experience for a landlord would be to rent their property to professional renters. Renters who’ve decoded the residential rental business and know the system’s loopholes can give a tough time to their landlords.

To ward off such apprehensions, demand the applicant’s income verification. You can also ask the applicant to submit a referral from their workplace. Once you receive the referrals, cross-check them to ensure the applicant submits their rent on time.

Take Your Time to Check References

Landlords are advised to be patient with the tenant hunting process. As a landlord, you should check and verify if all references and personal documents are in place. Contact the employers and ask questions about the tenant’s behavior at work and under stressful conditions. Contact the tenant’s last landlord and inquire about the tenant’s character and their commitment to paying rent on time.

Begin your tenant hunt at least two to three months before the tenant move-in date. This will buy you time to consider the pros and cons of renting your property.

Consult residential property management services in Federal Way to know about tips that can help you find the perfect tenants for your residence.

There’s no such thing as the perfect tenant, but you can still have good, trustworthy tenants for your house. You need to hire a rental property management service in Pierce County willing to take full responsibility for your tenant screening process. Sensible Home Management is known to work to its maximum potential to satisfy its customers. Our website has online owner and tenant portals for the best landlord and tenant to find each other. Call us right away at (253) 2360337.