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How to Become a Successful Landlord

successful landlord

Owning rental property indeed offers a reliable way to build a steady stream of income and achieve long-term financial stability, but many people fail to account for the responsibilities that come with rental property ownership. From investing in a rental unit to renting it out and managing it on a regular basis, there’s a lot of work involved.

Let’s take a look at how to become a successful landlord?

Work Like a Businessman

Before anything else, it’s critical to understand that property rental requires just about as much dedication as any other business. Therefore, you need to treat it like a business and think and act like an entrepreneur. From your rental income, set aside a fixed amount for repair and maintenance. Your property manager will manage this amount to address service requests, even if you’re on a holiday.

Treating your rental property as a business will also encourage you to consistently market your property. Instead of relying on your property manager for everything, you’ll use your own resources to reach out to potential tenants.

Hence, as long as you keep working as a devoted entrepreneur, have efficient systems in place, and are organized, nothing can stop you from capitalizing on your rental property and be a successful landlord.

Respect Your Tenants

Just because someone occupies your rental property doesn’t mean they owe you everything, including their dignity. Many landlords tend to allow their personal feelings to get in the way of a business relationship. They’d treat them unfairly, which ultimately proves detrimental for the landlord. Occupants will stop taking care of the property and tenant turnover can significantly increase.

Thus, always treat your tenants like humans. You don’t have to like them but treating them with respect goes a long way to stay faithful and dependable with you.

Stay Responsive to Maintenance Requests

No or slow responsiveness to service requests is the biggest nuisance for tenants. As a landlord, you must recognize your responsibility to address drainage issues that may have led to clogged sinks or toilets as well as meet the safety standards associated with electricity and gas.

Remember, a successful landlord is one who can be trusted. To become a trustable landlord, you’ll need to stay highly responsive to tenants’ service requests and ensure that that your rental property is a safe place to live. More importantly, don’t be a cheap fixer when responding to maintenance requests. Fixing serious household problems with the worst and cheapest possible options will damage your reputation.

Become a Successful Landlord by Documenting Everything

While a property management company will take care of this, if you choose to proceed as a DIY landlord, be sure to have a signed agreement with your tenant and keep documenting the maintenance work that you conduct. Still, we recommend hiring a property management service that will have an attorney check over your lease agreement to confirm compliance, and assist you with property liability insurance and rental insurance.


Millions of Americans are landlords, but not everyone is able to make the most out of their rental property. After going through this guide, you should have understood how to become a successful landlord.

You may also have uncovered that a property management service can assist you in achieving your goals. For efficient property maintenance services, contact Sensible Home Management at your earliest.

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