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5 Complicated Landlord and Tenant Situations

complicated tenant and landlord situations

Either it is a business property or a residential one, leasing it can bring complicated landlord and tenant situations. Reviewing and drafting of lease agreements are often undermined and confusing circumstances arise because of that and words like, “I never agreed to that” get exchanged. Even if you do have time on your hands to cope with such nuisance, the temperament and patience required for such scenarios are uncommon. The best way to deal with these tenant situations is to hire experts who are experienced and specialize in handling tenants smoothly. If you are in Tacoma, property management and property maintenance, along with all the leasing requirements can be handled by one of the most efficient services around.

Let us look at some of the most common complicated landlord and tenant situations.

Additional Individuals

When you rent out your property to an individual or a group of people, you usually meet them and perform due diligence on your part to make sure they are decent people before allowing them to live on your property. But sometimes, tenants move in additional people to your house without notifying you and without your approval. It is unacceptable as you have the right to screen people living in your property according to your standards and they should be legally bound by the terms of the lease contract.


If your lease agreement does not allow smoking inside your unit, you will often discover that it has been going on and the tenant will most probably blame it on their friends or guests for it. However, the tenant is responsible for their guests’ actions and smoking inside a property can cause damages worth thousands of dollars.

Bug Infestations

Can you believe there have been cases where foreign tenants who just moved into the country have reported their landlords for bug infestations in the property, only for bug exterminators to find out that the bugs were not local and were brought along by the foreign tenants? Bug infestations are usually caused due to lack of cleanliness but tenants do not let go of any opportunity to blame and bad-mouth the landlords.


Many tenants think they can hide their pets without the landlord ever noticing them. If you do not want pets on your property, make sure to specify it in clear language on the lease agreement.


Some people have no problem in having a lifestyle that involves piles of junk pouring out the front door. They do not think tons of litter on the balcony and down the driveway is a problem. Such behavior can attract rodents, mold, and insects to your property and can cause permanent damages to your property.

The best way to avoid such terrible tenant situations is to write out all your demands and wishes in the lease agreement. Tacoma property management and Washington state laws hold that a tenant has to remedy the problem within ten days of receiving a written notice to comply with the lease or rent agreement or the landlord can evict them. If you think knowing the law and keeping your tenant straight is a job that can be tough for you, leave it all to us.

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