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4 True Nightmare Tenant Stories

Nightmare tenant stories

It is no wonder why so many people are reluctant to buy properties for leasing purposes, although it is such a profitable business. It is because there is always a risk of encountering a nightmare tenant. The solution to this problem is hiring an expert, credible, and trustworthy service that finds you decent tenants and takes responsibility for their actions and behavior if they are to indulge in unacceptable activities. Let us waste no time and read the tenant stories that proved to be a nightmare for their respective landlords.

  1. A tenant poured concrete down all the drains of a property. If you think about it, it is a simple yet devastating way to inflict irreparable damages to property. The landlord had no choice but to demolish it and salvage whatever he could before rebuilding a new one. That is not all though, as the concrete went into the septic system and the landlord had to pay the city a hefty amount to settle the damages caused to its infrastructure.
  2. A landlord rented out his upper floor portion to a tenant. All went smooth and well for the first two months but the tenant refused to pay the third month’s rent. When the landlord insisted, he called in as the landlord to get all the utilities of the property cut off and reported him for child abuse to the Children’s Division. The tenant then moved out but not before leaving 18 garbage bags inside the house and reporting the landlord to the fire department for causing the garbage hazard.
  3. You might want to get a tissue roll for this one. A landlord rented out a three-story housing property. A few months later, he heard from someone that the police had knocked down the door to arrest the tenant but he had fled to avoid prosecution. The landlord went to the property to find all the attachments missing. The tenant had sold the sinks, copper wires (after gutting them out of the walls), and ceiling fans. The landlord had installed new kitchen cabinets before renting the property to them that were also missing. The tenant had told the neighbors that he had bought the house and was remodeling it. The landlord could not afford to repair the twenty thousand dollars worth of damages and sold the house as it is.
  4. This one is funny (certainly not for the landlord). A landlord had a tenant move in with his wife. She overloaded the dishwasher the first night they were there and broke it. The tenant called the landlord to get it fixed. The landlord sent over a guy to check it who told the tenant not to use the dishwasher till he got the part that needed to be replaced delivered to him (it was only available online). The following night, the landlord received a call from the tenant telling him that the kitchen was flooded. The wife had used the dishwasher and when her husband asked her why she did it, this was her response, “How am I supposed to clean the dishes, with a hose?” Just two feet away, there was a deep sink.

These tenant stories prove that no matter how decent and sane a tenant seems, the due diligence that needs to be performed before renting out your property is best left to professionals. Let Federal Way property management take care of all your leasing, maintenance, and renting needs.

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