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13 Tips To Help You Landscape Your Property For The Summer

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If you own a house, landscaping and lawn maintenance are important aspects of keeping it in good shape and ensuring that it looks wonderful from the outside. During the severe cold weather and scorching summer heat, your grass and landscape get affected.

Here are some summer landscaping ideas to keep your property looking great:

1. Make Long-Term Plans

Landscaping your property should be planned for over the years rather than a few months or weeks. Begin by planning out the entire yearly project for landscaping. A few minor changes may completely alter your home’s landscaping.

2. Create A Landscape That Works For You

Consider the required purpose of your landscape while designing it for your house. Do you require a children’s play area? Do you wish to have a garden? Or do you want to use it as a patio? Your family or tenant’s family should be able to use the landscape comfortably.

3. Use Walkaways

Landscaping is divided into smaller parts that are scattered across the land. Walkways can be used to link trees, potted plants, and other attractions. The paths serve as a visual indication to follow as they go through the landscape. In addition, walkways are an essential part of the design. They make it simpler to walk around the property.

4. Plant Flowers & Herbs

Grow some colorful plantings like pansies. These plants look great in garden spaces, and because they’re so simple to grow and maintain, many property owners don’t mind paying a few bucks to plant them.

Some plants only live for one season and must be potted every year, while others keep on growing and blossom year after year. In your landscape design, it’s best to include both annuals and perennials. As a result, the property will have a diversity of appearances and feelings.

5. Helps Your Lawn Stay Healthy With Mowing Technique

You should always mow your grass while it is dry rather than damp, and the grass should be mowed to a height of 2.5 to 3 inches and not shorter than this range. By not mowing the grass shorter than 2.5 inches, you are offering more insulation to the ground to help combat the hot weather. You’re also cutting down on soil surface water loss that lowers the chances for grass disease and insects.

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Mowing your grass taller minimizes stress, promotes the greening of your lawn, and requires lesser use of additional fertilizer. Taller grass shadows the ground, keeping sensitive roots cooler and preserving moisture levels.

6. Be Certain You Have Sufficient Irrigation

Ensure your yard and plants are adequately watered during the summertime. Every week, make it a morning routine to irrigate your lawn, and your grass needs at least 1 inch of water.

7. Fertilize Your Lawn monthly

Have you ever wondered how those lush green lawns stay so beautiful in the summer? It’s due to the usage of nitrogen-rich lawn care supplies, which encourages both color and growth. To prevent fertilizer chemicals harm your pets and children, keep them off the lawn for a short time after fertilizing them.

Organic fertilizers, unlike artificial fertilizers, serve to upgrade the effectiveness of your ground and need fewer treatments to get lush, long-lasting effects. You can also pick up some organic lawn fertilizer to provide your lawn with the nutrition required to make it through these busy months.

8. Maintain Your Landscape On A Routine Basis

It is a fact that plant and grass growth slows in the summer, frequent upkeep is still necessary. To keep your landscape looking healthy and lush, remove unwanted plants, keep the plant beds tidy by giving the edges, removing algae and debris from the water fountain or pipeline.

9. Shrubs and Trees should be Trimmed

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Severe storms are a part of summer. Look for any broken tree branches that should be chopped away to avoid a strong wind from bringing it down and harming your property or your renters’. Also, trim any outgrown shrubs to prevent termites and insects from crawling to the property.

10. Use Mulch on The Soil

Remove any old, fading mulch layers. Mulching helps them retain water, keep pests away, and even prevent insects. Mulch beautifies landscapes and creates an additional coat between plant roots and the air, protecting plants, reducing evaporation, allowing the soil to hold water for longer, and requiring less frequent watering. Mulch also promotes plant development by suppressing wildflowers, minimizing soil degradation, and regulating surface temperature.

11. Fight Off Against Insects

Insects appear when the sun is shining, and there is an increase in temperature. Several lawn pests destroy the landscaping. Flies, termites, mosquitoes, and other insects also pose a hazard to your family’s health and are just inconvenient! Protect your home against insects by using pest control treatments. Natural insect repellants, tree injections, or chemical repellants can help fight off unwanted landscape insects.

12. Decorate Your Patio

The days are getting warmer, and you might want to get out on your patio. This is the ideal time to clean up the debris and ingrown branches from your vacant outdoor area and transform it into something beautiful. Add a patio chair with a cushion, colorful rug, and a table, add some hanging lights, fill pots with vibrant plants and put some attractive outdoor accessories.

13. Clean Up Regularly

Another fantastic summer landscaping tip is to clean up regularly. Cleaning up periodically is a fantastic method of keeping a watch out for weeds and preserving your landscaping. Pruning and trimming trees, shrubs, and plants that are too near to your AC unit is a good idea.

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